Vitalizing benefits of phycocyanin based on marine biotechnology research accessible to everyone.




Bluum can protect your cells from the damage caused by free radicals; it is 16 times more powerful than vitamin E, and 20 times more than vitamin C.


Bluum can help you strengthening your body’s natural defenses, protecting you against seasonal colds, flu & allergies and can boost your feeling of wellbeing during season transition.


Bluum can help your body to get rid of toxic and unhealthy substances, thanks to its purifying properties. Phycocyanin can boost stem cell production for faster recovery.

Bluum Vital Powder

Our Vitalizing Powder contains 100% organic phycocyanin. The powder can be easily used in many different ways: dissolves in water or juices, can be added to yogurt, smoothies and even salads. ¼ of a teaspoon of our Vitalizing Powder daily is sufficient to support your vitality.


Bluum Vitalizing Ampoules

Our Vitalizing Ampoules are “shots” of 100% organic liquid phycocyanin in its purest form. Through cold and solvent-free extraction our Vitalizing Ampoules keep all important minerals. One shot per day is sufficient to support your vitality.



If you buy the powder: dissolve one sachet in a glass of cold or warm water, juice, (plant based) milk or smoothies, mix well and drink it. If you buy the ampoules: Take an ampoule in your hands and break one of the tips at the indicated breaking line. To break the tips we recommend using an ampoule opener or alternatively paper tissue wrapped around the tip while breaking to protect your fingers. As soon as you break the second tip, the phycocyanin will flow out of the ampoule. You can either drink the liquid directly from the ampoule, pour it into a glass or mix it with water, juice, (plant based) milk or smoothies. Please do not use Bluum in liquids or food above 70°C as heat reduces the nutritive and colouring quality. It should also not be heated up, cooked or baked once dissolved in cold liquids or foods.

Yes, both the powder and liquid consist of 100% natural blue phycocyanin pigment, which is extracted from blue spirulina. Bluum does not contain any artificial colours.

100% phycocyanin. While the liquid in the ampoules is cold extracted by a pharma lab, the powder is freeze-dried from extracted liquid. The origin of phycocyanin is blue spirulina, a microalgae that can have many health benefits when consumed. Phycocyanin is its main pigment, which doesn’t only have a bright blue colour, but also concentrated health benefits.

We use blue spirulina sourced, processed, and lab-tested in Europe to guarantee it's high quality.

Bluum is a pure extract from spirulina and has a neutral, very mild flavour of the sea. Bluum does not contain any artificial flavours.

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